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The Lucky Beggar

I was reading the daily paper and thought how lucky was that bin man who found 10,000 pound in a bin. Shame! someone had cut the whole lot up. After handing it to the police for sometime he was given it back, how lucky! Now all he has to do is piece the whole lot of cash back together. For each note he correctly pieces together the bank will change it for a crispy new one. Rather he is doing the jigsaw than me; it’s going to be a few days before he can go on a spending spree.

That dreaded school run

Everyone has to do it at some point, I hate it. I walk my kids to school each morning and find it such hard work. It’s only down the road, but I hate it when the other parents with cars have no consideration for others, they park where they aren’t supposed to and don’t like to stop to let you cross the road and it makes me sick. The local lollipop lady is just as a bad, you want to cross but she’s talking to someone and you have to wait for her and then she lets most of the traffic through. It makes me so mad sometimes.

Went to Sarah’s wedding, got a koozie and lots of stuff

Today ” I went to Sarah’s and Mike’s wedding today and all I got was a lousy koozie”, well that’s what the wedding koozies said on them hahaha, i think she got the koozies  , i am not sure which place yet. In the goodie bag i also got some great chocolates with the imprint of a cute couple, i have to find out where she got them from because they were so good. I also got some shot glasses which were personalized. and some really cool candles which i doubt i will ever light because they are too good to light

Let it snow

There’s a 75% chance we are in for a white Christmas this year. Don’t get me wrong! I love the snow if I don’t have to go out in it but I hate getting wet and I hate the mayhem it causes. The roads are closed or dangerous, the schools are closed and most people are late for work. It does seem a long time since we last had snow at Christmas, a little covering would do but Britain is to be hit at least 3 times with severe snow storms this month. Just our luck when we have a credit crunch going on.

Digital switch over

I can’t wait for the digital switch over, all though I may have to pay for a new aerial, still I don’t mind. I can remember when they introduced channel 5 but this is much better, as more options to choose from. I have previously subscribed to sky but found myself watching the normal channels you get for free. I found the free view box a much better option all because it was free. It’s great as you can now buy them so they can record, rewind a pause live TV all for the price of the box, it’s going to save a lot of people a lot of money.